This compilation of June 2019 marketing concepts is exercised across multiple platforms to explore different mediums and approaches to connecting with the brand’s respective consumers. There are some brands that take more customized and personalized routes, making their consumers feel individualized and special. Other labels build their brand with humorous approaches tapping to pop culture references to remain relevant.

Spotify exemplifies a great marketing idea this month with its meme-inspired ads that reference today’s technological era, launching a global campaign that suggests songs dependent on users’ moods. It boasts large digital ads that directly reference meme formats in its delivery, mocking the moodiness that the internet has adopted in meme culture.

Luxury fashion house Gucci also partook in refreshing marketing concepts this month with its 80s-themed ads that market its 58 new lipsticks. It challenges the societal concept of what a perfect smile should be by displaying close-up visuals of imperfect teeth, showing that it does not compromise the meaning of beauty.

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