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Secret Frozen Dessert Trucks : vegan ice cream truck

Secret Frozen Dessert Trucks : vegan ice cream truck


Secret Frozen Dessert Trucks : vegan ice cream truck


Oatly’s Vegan Ice Cream Truck is Previewing ‘Oatly Frozen’

Before the official launch of Oatly Frozen, a line of seven flavors of oat-based ice cream alternatives, non-dairy brand Oatly is touring a vegan ice cream truck around the city of Los Angeles. The location of the treat-sharing truck on the “pre-release tour” can be pinpointed by calling a hotline number. Alternatively, Oatly will also be sharing its new treats at the Eat Drink Vegan in the city.

Oatly Frozen is offered in flavors like Oat, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Mint Chip and Coffee, offering a fun new way for people to rediscover their favorite ice cream flavors with a unique, non-dairy base. As the demand for oat-based milk beverages only continues to soar, oat-based frozen desserts are also likely to capture the attention of people of all ages who are looking for a sweet treat.


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