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Doisy & Dam Nut Butter Cups

Doisy & Dam Nut Butter Cups


Doisy & Dam Nut Butter Cups


The Doisy & Dam Nut Butter Cups are Free from Palm Oil

The Doisy & Dam Nut Butter Cups have been unveiled by the UK-based ethical chocolate brand as a new treat for consumers looking for an alternative to traditional dessert cups. Made with single-origin Colombian chocolate, the treats are vegan, free from palm oil and contain just 65 calories each to make them suitable for those looking to restrict their intake of sweets. The chocolate cups come in two flavor options including Almond and Hazelnut, and come with three to a pack.

Doisy & Dam Co-Founder Ed Smith spoke on the new Doisy & Dam Nut Butter Cups saying, “With premium products growing faster than any other sector in the confectionery market, we are thrilled to be launching this range at such a timely moment. Consumers are increasingly seeking out better ways and things to eat as part of their daily lives, and our new Nut Butter Cups provide just that. We have created these products to offer consumers a brand new snacking experience with uncompromising quality and flavour, perfect for stashing in desk draws, handbags and lunchboxes.”


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