IKEA Wants to Send a ‘Happiness Hunter’ to Denmark

Denmark is regarded as one of the happiest countries in the world and IKEA wants to know more about why that is by sending a dedicated ‘happiness hunter’ to the country for two weeks.

Back in 2017, IKEA’s ‘Life at Home’ study revealed that “nine out of 10 Danes said that they feel peace and happiness when they think about their homes.” IKEA wants to know more about why the Danes are so connected to their homes by hosting a global competition in search of a happiness hunter. The lucky winner will explore the idea of happiness in the home by living in Copenhagen for two weeks. The catch is that the happiness hunter will live as the average Dane would, including receiving the average Danish wage and paying Danish taxes. They’ll also receive instruction on the Danish way of living. The whole experience will be filmed by a camera crew and the happiness hunter will have to blog about the experience for IKEAHomeView.com.

Image Credits: IKEA.

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