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Snap-Frozen Plant-Based Meals : plant based meals

Snap-Frozen Plant-Based Meals : plant based meals


Snap-Frozen Plant-Based Meals : plant based meals


The Cool Gardener’s Products Appeal to Millennials & Fexitarians

New Zealand’s The Cool Gardener produces nutritious and easy-to-enjoy plant-based meals that appeal to those who are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, dairy-free, gluten-free or anything in between. The brand worked with Curious Design to create an identity that would specifically appeal to flexitarian and Millennial foodies who are aware of the latest and greatest products.

The locally sourced vegetable ingredients are grown and harvested with care and then snap frozen, which is referenced with the use of the word “cool” in the brand’s name. The product packaging boasts panels that showcase the families involved in the making of the products and even their own perspectives on food.

Some of the most interesting products offered by The Cool Gardener include its gluten-free Beetroot Patties with dairy-free feta, Cauliflower Schnitzel and Kumara Chips.


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