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Pinkster Gin Jam Cocktail Mix

Pinkster Gin Jam Cocktail Mix


Pinkster Gin Jam Cocktail Mix


The Pinkster Gin Jam Cocktail Mix Has a 2.5% ABV

The Pinkster Gin Jam Cocktail Mix is a premium product for enhancing cocktails and helping consumers to easily craft their own artisanal drinks from the comfort of home. The instant mix works by being poured directly into your choice of cocktail including gin & tonic or even enjoyed on its own as a low-alcohol refreshment over ice. The product comes in 20 gram sachets and has a two-year shelf life to make it perfect for stocking in home bars.

Pinkster Managing Director Stephen Marsh spoke on the Pinkster Gin Jam Cocktail Mix saying, “For the last few years, we’ve been recycling the inebriated raspberries left over from making Pinkster as gin jam. Bartenders galore started experimenting with it as a fruity cocktail ingredient, which prompted the thought of creating a stand-alone product for ease of use. We went back to the drawing board, finessing the recipe for our existing gin jam, adding a dash of lemon juice. We’ve certainly hit the sweet spot, as the resulting mix added to a Pinkster G&T makes for an extremely delectable mixed drink. For operators of busy bars, it couldn’t be simpler – just pour and stir.”


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