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Social Media-Inspired Meals

Social Media-Inspired Meals


Social Media-Inspired Meals

A viral video resulted in Arby’s creating the $5 Missing Menu Meal when TikTok user John Casterline purchased a $25 flat-screen TV and found that it could only display the Arby’s menu. Millions of views and a fun back-and-forth between the company resulted in a social media campaign to reclaim the missing menu and the chance for Arby’s to create a memorable moment with lasting impact. The $5 Missing Menu Meal was offered for a limited time, giving people the chance to participate in the saga by purchasing a Classic Roast Beef, Loaded Curly Fries and a small fountain drink for a limited time at participating locations. Eventually, Arby’s did get its TV back and Casterline got to claim the Missing Menu Meal for himself and share the deal with his audience.

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