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Social Media Radio Channels

Social Media Radio Channels


Social Media Radio Channels

TikTok and SiriusXM recently joined forces to launch a new exclusive audio experience dubbed ‘TikTok Radio.’ The full-time music channel will feature audio from trending sounds found on the popular social media platform created by “TikTok creators, tastemakers, and DJs.” Styled after the platform’s ‘For You’ page, the channel will boast a diverse group of creators with weekly countdowns on tending tracks. “TikTok is redefining the way that fans discover music and artists, while enabling a new form of musical engagement and creative expression, said Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music, TikTok. “We are excited to work with SiriusXM for TikTok Radio to make the trends, music, and creative influences that are playing such a defining role in modern culture even more accessible. We can’t wait to see this come to life and thank the SiriusXM team for being such an innovative and visionary collaborator.”

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