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Premium Jarred Tuna Products

Premium Jarred Tuna Products


Premium Jarred Tuna Products

The King Oscar Ultra-Premium Yellowfin Tuna range is a new offering from the Thai Union-owned brand that will provide consumers with a number of different varieties to enjoy. The products come in four varieties including Extra Virgin Olive Oiler’s and Green Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Jalapeño Peppers and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Herb de Provence. Each of the products come in an easy-to-pour jar for simple serving.King Oscar USA President John Engle spoke on the new King Oscar Ultra-Premium Yellowfin Tuna range saying, “King Oscar Ultra-Premium Yellowfin Tuna was designed to be indulgent, and to convey premium quality and craftmanship at its core. To better understand what consumers wanted to see on shelves, we conducted numerous consumer focus groups and spoke directly with the people who were proven heavy users of premium glass-jarred tuna. Coming out of those meetings, we were happy to find that the new Ultra-Premium Yellowfin Tuna had the highest purchase intent scores of any product innovation in my history with the brand.”

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