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Social Product Discovery Platforms : Staash platform

Social Product Discovery Platforms : Staash platform


Social Product Discovery Platforms : Staash platform


The ‘Staash’ Platform Lets Users Save Items They Discover

The ‘Staash’ platform is a social product discovery solution that will enable users to keep a collection of their favorite items and find new ones in a streamlined manner. The platform works by letting users save items they like from any website they visit and having everything neatly organized for them to take a look at later. This helps to streamline the process of finding items you like later on, while also enabling the purchase to be as seamless as possible when making decisions about what to purchase.

The ‘Staash’ platform speaks to the increasing need for more tracking capabilities for eCommerce as consumers continue to shift more towards shopping digitally. The platform can also be used for discovering new items from other users for an enhanced social shopping experience.


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