The Wana Brands Pomegranate Blueberry Acai Sour Gummies are a premium product for adult consumers who are looking for a tasty way to integrate CBD and THC into their lifestyle. The gummies feature a 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC, which equals out to 25 milligrams of CBD and five milligrams of THC to offer a mellow experience for consumers seeking to optimize their daily dosage. The premium flavor profile will satisfy consumers with a penchant for sweet candy that’s achieved with an all-natural range of colors and flavors.

Founder and CEO of Wana Brands Nancy Whiteman spoke on the new product saying, “It is one of an array of alternatives that Wana Brands offers, enabling people to match products to their own particular needs. These tasty gummies are ideal for people who want a little THC along with their CBD, but not too much. A 5:1 ratio means that most people will be able to function normally in their daily routines while still receiving the beneficial effects of the plant. I personally love this product as a sleep aid.”

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