This Maker’s Mark Pop-Up Spotlights Craftsmanship and Brand History

Kentucky bourbon brand Maker’s Mark opened an interactive pop-up inside Singapore’s Scotts 27 restaurant earlier this month. The activation aimed to educate visitors about the brand’s history, heritage and its dedication to premium craftsmanship.

The interactive pop-up gave guests “rare insight into its distillery in the city of Loretto, where the process of creating every single bottle of Maker’s Mark is done exactly the same way as it was by its founders 61 years ago.”

Focused on quality and tradition, Maker’s Mark gave visitors a chance to take part in a number of interactive, sensory experiences — including Wheat, Wood, Water and Wax rooms where guests could create their own fresh donuts, learn about barrel selection and craftsmanship, experience projection art and more.

Image Credit: Maker’s Mark, Lifestyle Asia Singapore

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