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Sustainable Clothing Challenges : Clothing Challenge

Sustainable Clothing Challenges : Clothing Challenge


Sustainable Clothing Challenges : Clothing Challenge


Downy’s Wash It Better, Love It Longer Promotes Quality Detergent

In response to research that suggests 40% of consumers wear their clothes less than 10 times before throwing them away, Downy devised the ‘Wash It Better, Love It Longer’ clothing challenge, which tasks people with wearing garments more than 30 times. One of the main reasons that people are so quick to discard pieces of clothing is due to the fact that the styles lose their shape, fade or begin to look worn-in rapidly. To encourage consumers to get more life out of their clothes, Downy suggests investing in high-quality laundry detergent and fabric conditioner.

As well as helping people to get more from their wardrobe by properly caring for their garments, the #30wears clothing challenge will also benefit those who are looking to save money and reduce their environmental impact.


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