Ikea’s kitchen ad boasts the tagline “less wasteful, more graceful” and expresses that through beautifully whimsical choreography. The one-minute ad spot follows an eco-consious couple as they cook a meal in their home. Unlike most of us, the preparation of this meal involves a gorgeously choreographed routine, complete with twirls, jumps, and aerials. The ad’s purpose is to remind consumers that sustainable cooking “doesn’t have to be complicated—it can be beautifully, gracefully simple.” Officially dubbed “Scrap du Soleil,” the commercial shows off some of Ikea’s sustainable products, like wooden bowls, reusable containers, water-saving faucets and more. With a blend of dance and classical music, this exciting ad reminds consumers that with Ikea, dinnertime doesn’t have to be wasteful.Image Credit: Ikea, ReThink

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