The Sunny D Florida sparkling beverage has been unveiled as a new product for the UK market that aims to offer consumers a flavorful refreshment with an unexpectedly tangy twist.

The drink is made with a blend of 13% juice along with sparkling water and feature 75% of the recommended vitamin D to make it a healthier option compared to other beverages on the market. The new beverage will be supported by nationwide marketing activation campaign starting August 26 that will see over 57,000 samples being handed out to over 700,000 consumers throughout 17 cities.

Commercial Director for Refresco UK James Logan spoke on the new product saying, “The carbonated fruit soft drinks category is in growth and the new Sunny D Florida is based on the flavor consumers already love with the health benefits more shoppers are seeking. We are confident the new carbonated Sunny D Florida will prove popular with teenagers and adults.”

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