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Top 100 Branding Ideas in May

Top 100 Branding Ideas in May


Top 100 Branding Ideas in May


These May 2019 branding ideas highlight the creative side of businesses and range from nostalgic branded pop-ups to unique logo redesigns. Regardless of the expansive variety of examples seen in this list, every one was implemented to enhance the consumer experience, or to boost engagement.

Prime examples include the new cans introduced by Red Bull, which were designed to appeal to gamers as it features images of the Gamer Ninja. Moreover, Nutella created limited-edition jars that offer inspiring phrases. These jars promote the brand’s Nutella Makes you Happy campaign, which encourages consumers to nominate the person who makes their mornings better.

Other brands are taking advantage of pop culture moments to entice consumers, much like the intricate Oreo Game of Thrones title sequence, in which the cookie brand leveraged the hype surrounding the new season to align its product with something just as exciting.


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