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Wood-Made Coffee Capsules : Lost Sheep Coffee

Wood-Made Coffee Capsules : Lost Sheep Coffee


Wood-Made Coffee Capsules : Lost Sheep Coffee


The New Lost Sheep Coffee Compostable Coffee Capsules are Eco-Friendly

The Lost Sheep Coffee compostable coffee capsules have been unveiled by the UK-based brand as an eco-friendly option for consumers who are looking to reduce their use of single-used plastics.

Capable of breaking down in just a matter of weeks, the coffee capsules are made from a material called lignin that is crafted fro ma mix of wood bark and a paper processing industry waste product. This wood-based capsule design eliminates the use of plastic or other materials in the mix to address consumer concerns surrounding existing coffee capsules and pods presently on the market.

Founder Stuart Wilson spoke on the new Lost Sheep Coffee compostable coffee capsules saying, “We know our customers want the convenience of being able to make a really quality cup of coffee at home but without the guilt of chucking more plastic or aluminum into landfill. Until recently, compostable capsules would have a very short freshness life as the coffee inside would be exposed to oxygen causing the coffee to go stale. Without plastic or glue it is incredibly difficult to create an airtight seal over the product, but our 100% compostable air-tight capsules allow Lost Sheep Coffee to guarantee a minimum shelf freshness life of 12+ months!”


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