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Ultra-Playful Illustrated Branding : illustrated branding

Ultra-Playful Illustrated Branding : illustrated branding


Ultra-Playful Illustrated Branding : illustrated branding


Castro Burger’s Adorable Identity is Created by Thunder Rockets

Castro Burger employs Brazil-based design agency Thunder Rockets for an ultra-adorable illustrated branding identity that is sure to set the restaurant apart from its competitors. The reason for this is that the agency utilizes an accessible approach that combines generational playfulness with food.

Castro Burger is identified as a dining establishment that is “a place where LGBTQ+ people can feel embraced from the inside out.” Thus, when designing the illustrated branding identity, Thunder Rockets focuses on representing the food in situations where love and tolerance are embraced — from the avocado that is holding two hard-boiled eggs to the spaghetti and meatballs bowl and the ramen soup holding hands. All in all, the vibrant color palette and the whimsical cartoon representation of Castro Burger’s identity is what drives and makes the establishment noticeable.


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