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User-Designed Edgy Clog Designs : goth crocs

User-Designed Edgy Clog Designs : goth crocs


User-Designed Edgy Clog Designs : goth crocs

The Goth Crocs by @garbage_b0y are Gaining Viral Attention

A spiky pair of goth Crocs have been circulating social media platforms. The footwear silhouette has been developed by Instagram user @garbage_b0y and is made available in two variations. The one with a chain retails for £206.48, while the one without is a little bit more affordable at £190.60.

The craze around the goth Crocs can be tied to comedic effect. It is incredibly entertaining to witness something as absurd as the clog’s silhouette, infused with a punk edge. The juxtaposition completely overwhelms the design, creating a huge rift between message and medium. That is, while the style of the goth Crocs communicates a dark theme, the intent is completely overpowered by the footwear’s design.

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