Birds Eye Launched a Meat-Free Green Cuisine Line as a New Campaign

Families in search of an easy way to increase their intake of vegetables can now turn to Birds Eye’s meat-free Green Cuisine range. The new line was launched using a vampire-themed commercial titled ‘Whoops, I’m a Bit Veggie!’ that will be airing on national television shortly.

The commercial features a gothic scene at a vampire convention where attendees accidentally eat the plant-based burgers from the Green Cuisine line. After the initial shock, the vampires all declare: “Whoops, I’m a bit veggie.” Steve Challouma, marketing director at Birds Eye, said: “The tongue-in-cheek tagline perfectly encapsulates the overall consumer trend towards meat-free eating, while poking a little fun at some established stereotypes around ‘typical’ meat-eaters.”

The Green Cuisine meat-free line is targeted towards “flexitarians” who prefer to consume plant-based products on occasion.

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