The New Hudsonville Ice Cream Dairy-Free Desserts are Tasty

The Hudsonville Ice Cream dairy-free dessert line has been announced by the brand as a new series of products that are two years in the making to ensure a perfected recipe and, of course, flavor profile.

The frozen desserts are made with a combination of both oat milk and coconut cream, which enables them to be suitable for consumers with dairy intolerances and vegans alike. The products will come in seven flavor varieties including such indulgent options as Cherry Fudge, Caramel Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Truffles and several more.

The Hudsonville Ice Cream dairy-free dessert line was spoken on by CJ Ellens from Hudsonville Ice Cream who said, “We’ve always been committed to making the best flavours available through our time-tested recipe, so when we began experimenting with a dairy-free product, we knew the ultimate goal would be to create a new recipe that would be identical to the taste, texture and quality of our traditional dairy ice cream, without the dairy.”

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