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Virtual Concert NFT Upgrades

Virtual Concert NFT Upgrades


Virtual Concert NFT Upgrades

As cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) become commonplace in the digital market, famous LA-based underground rapper Murs drops an exclusive NFT concert upgrade for his dedicated fans in partnership with The Hot Blocks, a virtual store focusing on the intersections of hip-hop and blockchain. The NFT concert upgrade, attached to Murs’ two-day virtual concert ‘Weekend at Murs,’ includes a virtual art piece centered around one of Murs’ tracks, a video clip of the performance, and a virtual t-shirt featuring the previously mentioned art piece.The sale of the NFT concert upgrade starts April 17th at 9 pm ET and will be open for a total of 24 hours. During this 24-hour period, prices will rise throughout the day, encouraging consumers to buy in early.Image Credit: The HotBlocks, Murs

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