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Vitamin-Infused Juice Drinks

Vitamin-Infused Juice Drinks


Vitamin-Infused Juice Drinks

These Vimto Squash drinks are coming to the market in the UK to help parents satisfy the preferences of younger consumers without losing sight of nutritional needs. The drinks are positioned as the only squash-style range of beverages in the UK that offer both vitamin C and vitamin D liquid fortification. This will help make the drinks more applicable for parents who might be weary of them thanks to their new health-focused recipe.Senior Brand Manager, Vimto Becky Unwin spoke on the newly launched Vimto Squash drinks saying, “As part of our ongoing commitment to provide consumers with healthier choices, we believe vitamin fortification is more important than ever. Our innovation team have reimagined our core squash portfolio to ensure that not only do we offer those all-important fortified vitamins but also on-trend, super fruit, flavours. The inclusion of health credentials should never mean having to compromise on the flavour experience, so we are thrilled to relaunch our core squash range in this way. With 90% saying they would purchase our new offering, we couldn’t be happier with how the new design and fortified recipe performed during consumer testing. We place a huge amount of importance on ensuring that any new Vimto variant serves to fill a gap in the market, whether that be from a category, flavour or benefits perspective, and we believe our new squash range does exactly that.”

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