Wall’s Pastry Chicken & Chorizo Thins are an Unexpected Addition

The Wall’s Pastry Chicken & Chorizo Thins are a new pastry variety from the brand that builds on the success of the original options with a distinctly artisanal flavor profile. The pastries come in packs of five for £1.50 and come as an unexpected addition to the chilled pastry product lineup that targets time-poor consumers with the preferences of a foodie. The premium flavor of the snacks is enhanced by the thin, crispy pastry on the exterior that pairs perfectly with the filling within.

Brand Marketing Manager at brand own Addo Michael Holton spoke on the new Wall’s Pastry Chicken & Chorizo Thins saying, “The huge success of our Thins range proves that the trend for healthier on-the-go snacking options is showing no signs of slowing and we encourage retailers to extend their Thins offering with this new flavour to capitalise on the growing opportunity.”

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