Lolli and Pops Unveil Eye-Catching and Bespoke Packaging

Pearl Resourcing, an international custom packaging and product development company, recently developed eye-catching, marbled packaging for the Lolli and Pops confectionery store. Lolli and Pops is an American candy store that boasts over 20 locations.

The brand focuses on decadent sweets, including the launch of its new gourmet chocolate line with over six chocolate flavors. The packing of each box is unique and elegant with assorted colors in an oil and watercolor-like print. The design is enhanced with gold debossed accents and the foldable lid is both functional and demure. The line includes: ‘Milk &Dark,’ ‘Cocktail Truffles,’ ‘Dark Chocolate,’ ‘Wine Truffles,’ ‘All My Love Truffles,’ and ‘Milk Chocolate.’

These extravagant chocolates are the perfect gift for loved ones and can be ordered online and sent as a gift.

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