Tobermory Gin is Infused with 13 Botanicals

The Tobermory Gin has been created by the brand on the Isle of Mull in Scotland as a premium spirit that takes the heritage of the surrounding area into account for the recipe. The spirit is made with a total of 13 botanicals including juniper, sweet orange peel and elderflower as well as Hebridean tea that has been locally grown on the Isle of Mull.

The gin starts with a neutral grain alcohol that has been enhanced with a splash of whiskey that enhances the flavor profile, while also paying homage to the history of the distillery on the Isle.

Tobermory Distillery Manager Stephen Woodcock spoke on the new libation saying, “Tobermory Gin is the first established single malt distillery to use their name on a gin. Using a splash of spirit from our famous whisky stills, along with a mix of botanicals, some hand foraged on the island, Tobermory Gin really is something different for the gin market, with an interesting story to tell as well as a high quality and unique spirit.”


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