Crying Eagle, the Southwest Louisiana-based brewery, recently expanded its product line with the introduction of its newest IPA — the Things Unsettled Hazy IPA. Things Unsettled Hazy IPA is a dry Indian pale ale that boasts a robust flavor profile with hints of papaya, stone fruit, and citrus peel.

The namesake of the intriguing beer was inspired by the history of craft beer and the struggles of independent breweries against mainstream brands. This struggle plays into the marketing of the beer which includes a video of two 90s-themed cartoon characters, ‘Crying Eagle’ and ‘Blue Knight,’ battling for victory. The commercial ends with Crying Eagle being victorious and the final moment of the fight is the image featured on the can.

This retro, video-game styled marketing campaign speaks to the cyclicality and nostalgia of IPA drinkers and the unique concept will likely resonate well with consumers from the era.

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