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25 Boldly Diverse Campaigns

25 Boldly Diverse Campaigns


25 Boldly Diverse Campaigns


From skin to body and from ethnicity to sexuality, diverse campaigns have been integral to pushing the agenda of equality and tolerance. As the 21st century progresses, we are striving to become more mindful of one another and find a way to exist in a world, despite our differences. Instead of trying to eradicate them, we should be attempting to celebrate them.

There are many forms a diverse campaign can take and brands have been proficient in adjusting the message to their audiences and their mission statement. The KKW Beauty campaign, for example, breaks the stigma of age through a photoshoot with Kim K, Kris Jenner, and Kim’s grandmother M.J. Shannon. Microsoft, on the other hand, has created an Xbox Adaptive Controller and it spotlights it with a heartwarming Super Bowl commercial.


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