These snack packaging innovations range from single-serve tapioca cups to compact fruit snack packs. Yalla’s range of single serve tapioca desserts are a standout that is offered in portable, single-serve pots, with delicious flavors like Rose Water, Pineapple with Kaffir Lime and Passionfruit with Mango featured. RXBAR’s bite-sized RX Kids protein snack bars are another notable example that is conveniently packaged for on-the-go enjoyment. Revamping its adult-centric snacks and flavor-inspired cartoon imagery. The pure paper packaging solution by HOCAL Paper Packaging rounds off this list and is a biodegradable option for a variety of food manufacturers. The paper-made, sustainable packaging is specially designed to minimize waste and is ideal for confection brands seeking chocolate, snack bar or hard candy packaging options.

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