Independent growth consultancy Zag recently launched ‘Stamma’ — its new stammer- accepting campaign for the British Stammering Association (BSA). The bold and vibrant campaign seeks to raise awareness and understanding of the speech impediment of stammering and rather than disguising the speech pattern, it uses clear and direct language to clarify common misconceptions about stammering.

Stamma includes multiple imageries with the words ‘I Stammer’ intertwined with empowering language such as ‘Please Don’t Finish My Sentences,’ ‘I Am Just Like You,’ and ‘Thank You For Giving Me Time To Speak.’ The recent rebranding by Zag also proposes that BSA uses ‘Stamma’ as its new trading name in order to reach those with the speech impediment earlier. The campaign encourages and empowers those who stammer, their family, and their friends to strive and understand each other more.

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