Tishk Barzanji Produces Tragedy-Exploring Visuals

These surreal architecture-infused illustrations are part of a series that “explores human tragedy.” Other topics of interest include “escapism [and] utopia.” Created by Tishk Barzanji — a Kurdish-British artist, the graphics pertain a rather interesting psychedelic essence that is communicated through color palette and shapes.

The surreal architecture-inspired creations have been posted on the artist’s Instagram which he started back in 2016. The illustration is heavy with symbology, as the artist seeks to communicate issues that are often overlooked in society or happen behind closed doors. The heavy use of contrasting colors instills an agreeable juxtaposition that is key to Tishk Barzanji’s surreal imagery.

His art is a form of therapy that the creative engaged in “after moving to London as a refugee in 1997.”

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