Coors Light recently launched its new ‘Made To Chill’ campaign that targets Millennials and Gen Z’s desire to relax, unwind, and unplug. According to The Drum, the brand is focusing on younger generations who are “actively seeking ways to turn off for a moment, and Coors Light is positioning itself as that moment” which is evident in the “chill-based” humor prominent in the campaign.

The multi-media campaign includes three “real-life” commercials depicting young people enjoying a beer. The first commercial, titled ‘Bra,’ shows a young woman getting home from work, taking off her bra, and relaxing with a beer on the couch. The second video, appropriately called ‘Shower,’ shows a man enjoying a shower and a beer simultaneously. The last commerical, named ‘Sábado por la Mañana,’ shows roommates cooking breakfast, closing the blinds, and enjoying a cold brew early in the day while watching soccer.

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