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Miniature Burger Grill Sets : burger king grill

Miniature Burger Grill Sets : burger king grill


Miniature Burger Grill Sets : burger king grill


The Burger King Grill is a Substitution for the Fast Food Restaurant

A Burger King grill has been launched as a publicity stunt to address the absence of a Burger King location in Sinop, Turkey.

The fast food establishment is popular accross the country, with an abundance of outlets it Batman, Ankara, and Istanbul. Despite the fact that citizens of Sinop are “begging for the chain to open […] in the city,” there are no such concrete plans as of yet. To address the justifiable dissatisfaction, the QSR restaurant teams up with marketing agency VMLY&R Istanbul. The collaboration delivers mini Burger King grill sets to Sinop that will allow individuals “to create their own ‘Whoppers’ in the comfort of their own home.”

The endeavor is, without a doubt, cheeky and the set comes with miniature tongs and charcoal nubs.


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