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Pumpkin-Packed Cold Brews : Stōk Pumpkin Cold Brew

Pumpkin-Packed Cold Brews : Stōk Pumpkin Cold Brew


Pumpkin-Packed Cold Brews : Stōk Pumpkin Cold Brew

The Stōk Pumpkin Cold Brew has been announced by the Danone-owned brand as a new option for fall-loving consumers to pick up when looking for an option to enjoy in the upcoming season.The coffee is made with the brand’s signature coffee and spice blend in order to create a product that’s a perfect prepackaged option to pick up in lieu of cafe alternatives. The drink is positioned as a lower sugar alternative to other popular pumpkin spice options on the market with 19 grams per 12 ounce serving.Director of Marketing for Stōk Brittney Polka spoke on the new Stōk Pumpkin Cold Brew saying, “It’s no secret that people love pumpkin, and once fall arrives it’s hard to ignore the frenzy that circles the flavor. Stōk has always put coffee first, and our pumpkin variety is no different – starting with quality cold brew and adding our take on a delicious, warm pumpkin spice blend that gives fall a bold taste.”

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