Nestlé and FCB Brazil worked together to completely reimagine the family-size cereal box experience with its Cheerios product line. The new packaging, which is debuting today across the country, is “tailor-made for eight different types of families.” For example, while the smallest version (120 g) is for people who only share their home with their pet, the biggest option (2.4 kg) is inspired by “frat friends who are like brothers.” In addition, each family-size cereal box design is meant to celebrate the core consumer group it represents, adding a playfully whimsical twist to the experience. To celebrate the launching of the new packaging formats, Nestlé Brazil is hosting a digital activation with several influencers who represent the different kinds of families. The campaign characters are also featured in an animated musical clip, produced by Black Madre, with an original soundtrack by Submarino Fantástico.Image Credit: Nestlé Brazil

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