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QR Code Dinner Plates : Social Plates

QR Code Dinner Plates : Social Plates


QR Code Dinner Plates : Social Plates


Bru’s Social Plates Remind Diners to Interact with Their Companions

Millions of food photos have been captured at restaurants and shared with social media and Belgian mineral water brand Bru created a special set of ‘Social Plates’ specifically for those who love to Instagram their meals. The Social Plates are designed with complicated patterns that are not only aesthetically pleasing but fully functional as QR codes. As such, when a diner snaps a photo of their meal, a phone’s built-in QR code reader automatically brings up a notification that says: “Nice Photo! But don’t forget to enjoy your dining companions as well.”

As many people are fixated on taking the perfect image for social media and often ignore the good company they have around them, the Social Plates encourage people to live in the moment.


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