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Slow Pizza Delivery Services : slow pizza delivery

Slow Pizza Delivery Services : slow pizza delivery


Slow Pizza Delivery Services : slow pizza delivery


Sargento’s Reserve Series Has Cheese That Takes 18 Months to Age

It’s unheard of for a pizza brand to boast a slow pizza delivery service but this is exactly what Sargento Foods is providing for the launch of its new Reserve Series. To spread the word that it is now offering a new kind of specialty cheese, Sargento is offering free pizza deliveries that will require waiting months for the cheese to age. Sargento’s World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery lets consumers choose from four Reserve Series creations, including the Shredded 6-Month Aged Gouda, Shaved 14-Month Aged Parmesan and the Shredded 18-Month Aged Cheddar.

While pizza lovers are now able to get quick deliveries by drone, robot, voice assistant and more, some brands are exploring purposefully inconvenient marketing campaigns to test how far fans will go out of their way to get their food.


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