Valentino Promotes Its Products Via SSENSE MONTRÉAL

SSENSE MONTRÉAL is the location of luxury label Valentino’s high fashion installation.

Designed to promote the upcoming season’s silhouettes, as well as the ultra-popular Garavani VRing bag, the retail initiative is engaging and relatable as it spotlights the aesthetic of the subway commute. Dubbed ‘VRing Station,’ the design features an ambiance that is completely informed by the architecture and arrangement of subway stops. From the mix of tiled and concrete walls to the strategically placed benches, the atmosphere of the station is replicated to a T by Valentino’s high fashion installation.

In addition, the luxury-focused label also taps Hannah Ryan — the admin of @subwayhands, for a social media campaign that features candid close-ups of the VRing bag during authentic urban commutes.

Photo Credits: SSENSE, @subwayhands

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