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Virtual Teeth Whiteners : teeth whitening tool

Virtual Teeth Whiteners : teeth whitening tool


Virtual Teeth Whiteners : teeth whitening tool


AuraGlow’s Virtual Teeth Whitening Tool is Powered by Facial Recognition

Thanks to facial recognition technology, it’s possible to try on everything from different makeup looks to jewelry and hairstyles, and now direct-to-consumer oral care brand AuraGlow is helping people to instantly see themselves with a brighter smile with its Virtual Teeth Whitening tool. The online tool has users either submit a selfie or use their webcam to visualize themselves with a new smile.

The online, in-browser experience requires no apps or downloads and immediately provides an experience that shows how much difference whitening products can make on teeth that are discolored. The Virtual Teeth Whitener makes the most of an algorithm to whiten teeth, all the while preserving the texture, shape and structure of teeth. If a user uploads a photo featuring a group, the algorithm also knows to whiten all teeth at once.


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