Dmitry Krupenko is a leading expert in the financial world, a practicing trader, and a competent coach for his students. After taking his first executive position, Dmitry Krupenko proved to be a successful crisis manager; as he single handedly increased the results of performance to the targets.

At present, Dmitry runs the Kiev branch of the Stock Market Technology Center (Kiev). Dmitry Krupenko is a business expert with profound theoretical background, emotional resilience during trading, and, of course, great talent. In a few months he managed to improve the performance of Kiev CBT, thanks to his leadership the office ranked first among all the branches of the company.

Dmitry Krupenko, financier: «The backbone of successful trading is trader’s discipline»

Learn trading from the professional — Dmitry Krupenko

He has been trading at the financial markets on his own for over five years and now he emphasizes how much the result can be affected by lack of plan. As in reality, a properly set goal is half the battle in trading.

Dmitry Krupenko, business expert, believes that trading can “break” you as well as “strengthen” you. Therefore, during his training Dmitry Krupenko prepares his clients for the possibility of crisis and its management, helping them to combat their own fears to execute r emotionless trading. 

Dmitry thinks that the stock market does not allow the possibility to gain a reasonable profit. On the contrary, it only allows traders to make a generous profit for those whom are confident in their abilities and understand the financial needs of the market. Granted,there is an ocean of information available information for you on the Internet. 

Yet, Dmitry Krupenko is the financier who has really accumulated his capital funds significantly. He has built about 30 investment portfolios that enabled his customers to increase their additional income threefold. Therefore, one consultation with Dmitry is equal to dozens of hours of self-study trading. 

It is Dmitry Krupenko, business expert and experienced financier, who will advise you where to invest. 

Learn how to invest under the guidance of Dmitry Krupenko, business expert

Dmitry Krupenko has profound knowledge and long experience, and definitely knows that financial markets are one of the most profitable objects to invest. It is only this trading venue that can offer you royal profit in a short term with little time commitment.

Dmitry, on his own, has created a number of his own strategies based on moving average and oscillator such as MACD and Stochastic. He highlights the ability to analyze the market correctly as another noteworthy point. “You should divide your account, and you should always trade with the trend”, says Dmitry Krupenko, financier.

The relevance and prospects of financial markets as an object for investment shows that everyone will manage to harvest huge additional income if the management is sound. Do you want to explore trading and investment activities with the help of a professional? Visit Dmitry Krupenko’s personal website and sign up for a consultation. You will get answers to all your questions on financial markets and capital gains accumulation.