Chipotle: “I want you to hold Chipotle. This is the kind of stock that you don’t have to worry about with China. The stock is up a lot, so there will be profit-taking and you buy it because they’ve got their destiny under control.”

Hexo: “Too early. Too early. Too early. Aphria, by the way, reported a good quarter, but we got to wait. You have to watch Cronos and Canopy to figure out if one of them should be a buy, but we’re close. “

Nutanix: “They’re competing with VMWare, which is one of my absolute favorite companies. Stock’s down 50%. It’s got to have some floor somewhere. I have not been able to find it. … Reported a bad number tonight. I’m struggling, struggling, struggling about where the bottom is, Nutanix.”

Anaplan: “I like Anaplan, a lot. …. These stocks are going to have profit-taking ’cause they’re up a lot, and Anaplan is up 112%, so don’t expect it to run here.”

Sonic Automotive: “It’s good, but … I’ll raise you with Lithia. I think Lithia is even better. “

Boot Barn: “I do like it.”

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